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February 02, 2019


Cop Car

The mother ship has landed! I had caught a glimpse of the disk in Maine in a newscast; but, happy to get a better look at it, thanks.

I'm sure that the new LOH Officer appreciates your willingness to give her a boost. "Sink or swim" can be tough!


There are HDMI to whatever adaptors for most of the older style monitor connectors, most under $20, and a fair number of them under $10. Just make sure you're getting the right male/female ends you need.

Liz Hinds

Came here from Cop car's blog. Oh no, really couldn't cope with those temperatures and that ice. Brrrr.


Thanks for visiting Liz. This year has been fairly mild. Sure, we've had cold weather, but has not gotten down to the lows we normally see, nor have we had weeks on end of very cold temps.

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