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February 09, 2019


Cop Car

It is so cool that your engine cuts out. I used to stop the engine on the Mazda 626 at long lights in ABQ - although - in some states it was illegal to do that. (I never checked for legality in ABQ.) The people who write the algorithms have a lot more data to go on these days. (Having worked on design of a new, large aircraft auto-pilot in the 1980s, I feel qualified to make such observations, even if I'm not!)

The algorithms in my 5-year-old car are not that great and frustrate me at times. No, my car doesn't shut down the engine; but, it slows down (rapidly) when the car ahead of it makes a turn - even doing so after the turning car has cleared the intersection! (Too much lag in the system!)


I have wondered how well those automatic slow down and crash avoidance systems work. Now I have a partial answer.

Cop Car

Although people are advised not to do so, most of my driving is done in "augmented" cruise control - which is the default operation of my cruise control, its taking 11 button pushes to use cruise control without augmentation. I tend not to monitor my speed very well, otherwise. Thus, I'm pretty hep on what my own system does/does not do. I would expect your system to do an even better job than does mine.

Your dad thinks that, when he hit the deer, his system automatically braked before his foot hit the brake pedal; but, in a crash situation few/none of us can rely upon what we recall. He only uses cruise control once he gets up to highway speed, which he had not done at the time of the collision. Also, I don't know whether, when he did use cruise control, it was augmented. I do recall that, when his car was new, I once saw that his display said something like "augmentation not available". I didn't drive his car enough to know what it did/didn't do. One "assumes" that his 2013 Lincoln had a system similar to the one in my 2014 Lincoln, though they were different models.


I don't have any of that fancy stuff - so my "system" does nothing at all unless I tell it to.

That is not true, if my phone is linked via sync, it will aromatically call 911 if the air bags deploy. I don't have navigation or most of the other fancy stuff that your cars have.

Cop Car

Aha! I had not caught that. Thank you. The communication via his link to sync certainly surprised your dad after the deer hit! I think that capability is great! My smart phone is too old to sync. It just runs my battery down, so I tell my phone not to respond to sync.

On his Lexus, your dad would have to pay for a subscription to their satellite phone system to get that service - according to the sales person. The sales guy was shocked to hear that Lincoln (and Ford) provided the service without on-going expense.

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