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January 20, 2019


Cop Car

Oh, Bogie, what a mess broken glass can make. Good luck in having ridded the rug of all pieces. And, poor kitty, for the scare it must have given her! I recall your cabinet, but have only a vague recollection of your rug.

How's your roof doing with your snow and ice, this round? We had rain, all day, Friday, then snow (less than 1") that night. It is gorgeous out there but treacherous. Not enough/not good enough quality snow for ice cream. We hunkered down, yesterday, and watched your weather moving in on you - on TV. Temperatures not bad - down to about 18 at night, but up to 30 or so during day.

Kellogg was a real mess Friday morning from 2 days of fog and temperatures just below freezing. The authorities closed Kellogg down for the stretch through downtown to give the officers time to get all of the crashes sorted out. People need to learn that elevated roads aren't very useful in icy conditions.

Cop Car

Obviously, your mother is brilliant, Bogie. "Having ridded"? Really?


Roof is fine - it can handle more snow than it has (okay, it has handled more in the past so I assume it is good). It won't be dumping for another couple of days since the high tomorrow is only supposed to be 2*.

Most people that were headed for skiing were on the roads Friday. Then Saturday was a day for everyone to stock up (yes, I was getting groceries on Saturday since I usually do so on Sunday). According to news reports, most people headed the DOT request to stay off the roads if you don't need to be on them. Hopefully that means the roads will be good tomorrow morning on the way into work.


Officially we got something like a foot and a half here, but we didn't get the finish of sleet, so I'll take it.


The roof dumpage greeted me when I got home on Wednesday - after a day of rain. That stuff was packed hard and heavy but I got it all cleared from the ramp , driveway and front steps before the freeze hit that night.

Cop Car

I know that exercise is a good thing; but, better you than me.
; )


I already had plans for exercise. Was going to take Country line dancing classes at the American Legion not 1/2 mile from me. Classes on Wednesday evenings for $5. Instead, was shoveling and looks like I will be shoveling/snow blowing next Wednesday too so won't make that class either. And people wonder why I never do anything away from home - typical results when I think I might have plans :O

Cop Car

Yep, that's part of the price you pay for where you live, isn't it? One of the few things that I enjoyed when living in apartments was that such chores were not done by me. They have line dancing lessons at our senior center for $1/session, as I recall. I suspect that most of the "takers" are your age rather than mine. By the time one gets to be my age, we either know how or know it isn't something we care to do. (Can you imagine my being able to drag your dad in for lessons? Actually, when we re-married, one of our agreements was that he would take ballroom dancing lessons with me. That was only 31 years ago. Perhaps we'll do it within the next 31 years? *giggling*)

Good luck!

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