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January 12, 2019


Cop Car

That's good gasoline mileage, for sure. Your SUV may continue getting worked out what with the waves of snow that seem to be the norm this winter. Hope it (SUV) is up for it.

How's the new job looking, now?


The old Focus got about 32 MPG and that is why I am expecting the new Focus' average to go up. The SUV should be fine - the real mileage that I am looking to reduce on it is during the summer and fall months (as I noted in an earlier post, in December I had already put as much on it as I had pur on the previous truck per year. I expect the mileage to go down because I will be able to drive this car when it is foggy/rainy out - which I couldn't the old car.

The new job is good. I have been in training all week so haven't actually done any of my new job. Expect 15 more hours of training in the next few weeks, but should be getting more of my "real" job in during that time.

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