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December 02, 2018


Cop Car

I find the lighter trim around the door to be a design detail that is pleasant - especially since it matches the trim around the little window. But that's just me. At the very least, I like the innovative approach. It only took four years, so the work was accomplished in a timely fashion. *chuckling*

P.S. I have found that there is utility in having custom-mixed stains/paints. It makes repairs/replacements much easier. There is a tiny place in your dad's bathroom where, at some point (measured in years), the top 3/8" of the base molding has broken off. It is only a couple of inches long, so I've ignored it. One would think that we would have noticed a small length of wood just laying on the floor, but we don't (to my knowledge) have the piece, so, its absence gets ignored.


I have custom mixed stain from staining the window trim - but the door frame was already painted white when I bought it, so no stain was happening. And really, I wouldn't mind that little bit showing. I was really hoping the part between the frame and the trim would be the color of the trim. But, since the only thing I could find that would fit was white plastic, I gots what I gots.

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