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November 18, 2018


Cop Car

Better you should cope with your complicated heating system than should I. I would have to make copious notes to myself on how to do the various operations since, unless I do something frequently, I forget what I did.

Congratulations on a problem well handled!

Cop Car

P.S. Your "sitting area" looks lovely with the snow.


The starting directions on the boiler are part of my copious notes :)

Cleaning the burn area of the boiler is easy - bottle brush to knock off all the cobwebs and a shop vac

The ThermGuard consists of turning it on/off since I already have it set the way it needs to be (a very simple mechanism that doesn't lose anything if the power goes out.

And of course I took pictures of the existing wiring of the pellet stove fan. Which weren't needed once I realized I didn't have to mess with the wires, just cut them and match up the color of the wires from the new fan. If I can't figure out that I have to put in the the two bolts to hold the fan into place, then I just don't need to be working on it :D

Cop Car

You are an engineer worth your salt!

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