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October 07, 2018


Cop Car

How neat and tidy and clean your basement now looks, Bogie. Well done!
I wish that I had shown you a moving-stuff system I bought about six years ago - "ezmoves". "Ezmoves" includes a nicely-shaped lever for prying heavy weights upward and eight sliders similar to your magic sliders. The big difference is that the eight sliders are large - about 3"x5". Each slide has the smooth surface, but on the back side cups a thick piece of high density foam. When a furniture leg (or whatever) is resting on the foam, it keeps the slide from slipping out from under the leg/whatever.
I do have some of the smaller "Magic Sliders" that I've had for 20-30 years; but, they are mostly pieces that I've attached permanently to legs of furniture.
Of course, with all of the miraculous slider systems, I still use old draperies a bunch. Mostly to get furniture up and down the basement stairs - which I'm doing less and less as I age, of course. I even break down, on occasion, and ask your dad to help me get something heavy down the stairs. That is generally accomplished by bracing "whatever" on my back as I scoot down the steps one-at-a-time, with HH providing a bit of stability to the load (he is above me and the load).

Your basement is looking really, really good!


The Magic Sliders that are made for heavy objects (dryer and washer) have a rsticky back so you can permanently attach to the surface. That works perfectly for the washer and dryer since I only had to lean them over once, the sliders stayed on, and I had no intention of removing them anyway.

I think I have what you are talking about, with the foam on the back side, for the coffee table (remember how heavy that is being made of some sort of heavy wood and then having built in extras? Although the indents help keep the sliders under the legs, sometimes they will still come out from under. Probably not a fair test since the wood floor has a lot of thin sections that the sliders can get caught on. Still, as long as I am mindful, they work well.

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