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September 02, 2018


Cop Car

Cute! Turtles are slow, but they can make epic journeys. Thanks for letting us follow along, Bogie! Happy to hear that Rita made the find, without getting snapped at.

Your dad pointed out a turtle in our driveway the other day. I don't know much about turtles, but it wasn't a snapping turtle. Last we saw it, it was between the crepe myrtles and our house. Perhaps it found a hidden corner behind hollies that grow next to our foundation.


I am facinated by turtles but snappers are nothing to mess with - even smaller ones. This one was not as big as the one we had one year at the other house. I've seen huge snappers crossing rout 202/9 before. You would not want to hit it with a car :O

I would say this one was a "teenager" in turtle years.

Cop Car

I agree that snappers are nothing to mess with. In fact, my folks and grandfolks were careful to instill a healthy respect for snapping turtles in us kids. We ran across them, on occasion, in the cow pastures or back by Grma H's pond.

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