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June 02, 2018


Cop Car

The irises that you show are the ones that have always been my early bloomers. They did beautifully for you. You must have picked places in which they are really comfortable! As to the rhododendron: Wow! Are the rhododendron and the weigela closely related to azaleas? The blossoms all look similar to me. Petunias do have a sweet scent; but, I don't normally plant annuals.

Glad you've been having great weather. "...bright, sunny and beautiful...." doesn't exactly describe the weather we had until the past 24 hours. May was too darned hot - heat indices at 100-105 degrees for a few days. (On the 105 day, I didn't walk or work in the yard at all.) This morning? Nice and cool for my walk and I got in about an hour's worth of work before the sun drove me indoors.

Cop Car

P.S. Revisiting your beautiful irises, I think that I was wrong in thinking we had sent the frilly ones to you. I don't think we have those colors. The frilly ones that I know we have do bloom early, however.


I could be mis-rememebering, but I'm pretty sure I didn't buy any iris rhizomes last year, which would mean all the iris in that area are from you. But, you never know, I could have seen some on sale I couldn't resist and they got mixed in.

Cop Car

You are probably correct. They were probably among the irises that ended up in my "iris dump" when I had the sodding done. Too, it occurs to me that the color shown in your photos just doesn't match the colors in my memory. BUT...you know that I cannot remember colors, at all! I should look back in iris photos that I've taken in previous years.

Cop Car

OK. I found photos of each of the three irises - taken 10 years ago! I've sent you the three photos by email. As usual, you were right! (I would be upset; but, of course, you got your wonderful mind from me. Oh, yeah.)

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