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April 07, 2018


Cop Car

Sorry the shoulder is still bummed. Not a great thing for you. It's good to have a good job; but, the long hours can get to you when things hit and it isn't a matter of choice. I know that you don't get overtime, but is there such a thing as "comp" time for you?

You just have to keep on top of things at all times, or it gets away from you. Glad you noted that the tarp had loosed its moorings.

I'm waiting to see what our 18 hours of below-freezing (half of which was 18-19 degrees F) did to our irises. They are about 10 inches tall.


No - no comp time. I've never worked for a company that had such a thing. Not that comp time would do me any good since they take away unused vacation time over 40 hours at the end of the year, and I always have more than 40 left because of cancelled vacation days.

This last year I got lucky; since they required hourly people to work overtime, they suspended the "use or lose" rule so I kept it. However, I will just lose at the end of this year. I currently have 100 hours of vacation time available and still have 7.5 months of accruals to go.

Cop Car

Bummer! When I was at BDM, I "lived on" comp time for about 5 months - when there was no program on which I could work. One of our customers kept telling us they would sign the contract - but - never did. I (and my team of 5 other engineers) had worked on that program for some time before that - enough to accrue the comp time.

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