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March 10, 2018



That first nor-easter resulted in about 2ft of snow here, though I think technically a large portion of it was lake affect pulled across the Lakes by the storm rather than directly from the storm itself. LOTS of trees down, lots of people without power, though ours barely flickered. The 2nd gave us barely a dusting!

Cop Car

We've been watching the progress of the Nor'Easters - glad not to be participants. Beautiful photos, Bogie, showing lots of effort on your part to clear your little corner of the world. It's too bad you can't share some of that white stuff with us.

Looking at all of your snow, I can only think of all the snow ice cream I could have been consuming. Well...it wouldn't really have done me any good since, with the cold I had during that time, I would have been unable to taste anything.

Meanwhile, our drought means that I'm still carrying buckets of water to trees, ice plants, and sedums transplanted in August-October.

Don T.

Cheap non-stick cooking spray inside the chute, on the auger, impeller, and their housing will make your life a lot easier with the wet snow. I've been using it for years with no ill effect. Just remember to re-apply between uses, as it doesn't last forever!


The snowblower is new so it is still slick enough not to need any further coatings to keep it from clogging. I have spray silicon that I used on the previous slow blower - and of course I use it on the shovels. The silicon lasts for several storms too.

Cop Car

Silicon on the shovels sure beats all-to-heck the paraffin we used to use.

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