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March 17, 2018



This one got us almost 2 feet of snow. I'm hoping they're right about the storm this coming week. I'm done with snow......

Cop Car

You folks are really getting hit this month. Let's hope the 4th doesn't come ashore.

Trees have been blooming, here, for about 10 days - starting with the elms, of course. Myrtle warblers have been flitting about gobbling down on the new buds. Daffodils have been putting on a show for a day or two longer than that; although, our own (because they were planted too deeply several years ago - and - they are out in the middle of nowhere so are not protected) are not yet blooming. Friday, the wind blew two sections of our neighbor's fence down. One section fell into his yard, the other into our yard. He noticed it this morning and texted your dad that he would move it. (This is the fence near our driveway. The other neighbor has finally removed most of his fence - since the wind pretty much completed the demolition a couple of weeks ago. In 2 1/2 years he had never re-installed any of the boards that came down. Otherwise, a great neighbor!)

Cop Car

P.S. Your house looks really great in that last photo!


Ruth - you guys are really getting the brunt of the storms with so much snow. Hopefully warmer temps will make it your way soon!

CC - what is it with fences and your property? LOL

Cop Car

I attribute the wind thing to our being (once, again!) at a curve in the street. The wind comes barreling down the street and can't quite make that curve. Well...houses to either side of us were built (and, I assume, the original fences constructed) about 25-30 years ago. That exceeds the 20-year life expectancy of a wooden fence.

Central Fence Co posted: "With proper attention to fence maintenance and repair, there’s no reason why your wooden fence couldn’t last a solid 20 years."

The original owners did not perform much yard/fence maintenance. The current owners: on the one side knew they were going to remove the fence so did zero maintenance; on the other side, he gets right on any required maintenance (he's a dentist and understands the importance of maintenance). In all fairness, the guy who did zero maintenance is an aircraft mechanic and understands the importance of maintenance. He just prioritizes his projects.

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