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March 31, 2018


Cop Car

Your holly is gorgeous! Some of our hollies have a few berries on them (we've at least 3 kinds of holly - one kind that I brought from the house on Sunrise). The holly from sunrise started out as a couple of plants; but, we now have several plants of it along the front foundation - snuggled up next to it - and the one in the corner by the front porch is in bloom.

Scarlet tanagers? Wow, you lucky duck! I don't recall the last one I saw. Beautiful!

Hope you don't get more snow dumped on you. Tender Care turned on our sprinkler system about 10 days ago. It's supposed to be down to 30 degrees, tonight, so I'm glad that I put bags of mulch surrounding the back-flow valve to protect it from freeing.

Redbud trees are starting to bloom and magnolias are about through blooming. I bought a couple of trees (pink dogwood and catalpa that is larger than the one I planted a few years ago), but they won't be delivered/planted for at least a couple of weeks.

Good luck!


I have a Bluebird pair guarding one of my nesting boxes. To me thats the surest sign of spring!

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