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January 20, 2018


Cop Car

Super on the training, Bogie, but I don't really like the title of the course listed on the certificate. Apropos, but disturbing. Exercises take a lot of thought in setting them up - to be useful. Glad you got that training under your belt. Congratulations!


Although you may not have cared for it, we all thought the title was funny.

I added a picture at the end.

Cop Car

But we all know that motorcyclists have warped senses of humor. (I'm chuckling.)

They picked someone who would be easy to handle. Looking good!

Cop Car

I should have written that "Your team" picked someone....


There wasn't any picking of teams. It was pretty much a bunch of people standing around the spot, someone volunteering to be a "victim, and then whomever decided to volunteer being a "bystander" just finding a place. I didn't know any of the people that I worked with on this one. That is actually the 3rd time I participated because they needed another person.

My first turn was with a pretty good sized dude as the "victim". I believe one of the "bystanders" was a guy from my Chapter - but he was the only one I knew.

The second time a gal that is in my Chapter was the "victim" but I didn't know either of the other two "bystanders"

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