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January 07, 2018


Cop Car

You really got slammed by Mother Nature, this week. Glad your snow blower kept on working. Hope the weekend has given you a chance to catch up, despite the low temps and the winds. Heard that the peak of Mt Washington was at -37 degrees Fahrenheit with winds producing wind chills to -93 degrees. That is darned cold! Stay warm, Love.

Your dad has had a hacking cold for the past several days. I'm washing his bedding while he reads the Sunday newspaper.


I can't believe that people volunteer to be up on Mt. Washington - out in the weather, at times like that!

Hope dad's cold was short lived and he is hale and hearty again!

Cop Car

I'll tell your dad about your good wishes. He still sounds a bit weird, but he felt well enough, yesterday, that he wanted to go out for lunch (and he wasn't coughing, of course!) I've declared him "well enough".

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