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January 28, 2018


Cop Car

I really like your shade. Have thought about using similar shades, here; but, I have a co-equal who has vetoed it. *smiling*

Sorry about the shakes. You probably can blame me for that. I developed what my physician calls "essential tremors" at your age or a bit earlier. What it took me several (as in, probably 15) years to discover is that caffeine affects mine - greatly. Yesterday, I had 1/2 of a Diet Dr Pepper - my first known caffeine in the past 2 weeks. I could not sew, at all, yesterday afternoon. (I tried and had to remove the stitching.)

For at least the past 10-12 years, my head wobbles, too. I don't usually notice it, but your dad certainly does!


Very nice! I need to get some for a few windows here. There were blinds on most of the windows when we bought the house, but the dogs managed to pull most of them down. Curtains work, but only when I remember to pull them.....

BTW, this is posted from my normal install of Chrome. No clue what the problem was, but a fresh install fixed it!


If you recall, that window has the portable dishwasher and a table in front of it, thus the need for the electronic part of the shade. I'm sure it will be really handy once I'm in need of it.

CC - I'm way ahead of you; been blaming the shakes on you for a year or two now :). I've noticed your head shakes, but you have assured us that the doc doesn't believe it is cause for concern and after a while in your company I get used to it and it becomes less noticable. I really notice my hands when filling up bottles with water or cleaning solutions. Some days I have to set the bottle into the sink in order to fill it. I will have to pay attention to if caffeine seems to be a contributor. I rarely take videos so it is a real shock to see how badly it appears on video. Eh, I could have a lot worse problems so I don't tend to worry about it - more a nuisance than anything.


Hi Ruth - great that your fresh install solved the issue! I believe that the slatted blinds in the living room and both shades in the kitchen are Bali that I special ordered. I'm really pleased with the quality of all of them - in case you are looking for recommendations. Email me if you ever want more detail.

Cop Car

Bogie--Obviously, we've no need for the electronic/electrical assist; but, I like having shade with some see-through.

I try to stabilize my camera against something solid (not me!) when shooting still OR video. I rarely shoot video - at least, on purpose. Occasionally, I find that I have an incorrect setting.

BTW: We're getting a really light snow - featuring medium-sized flakes.


CC - I sometimes mistakenly take videos too :)

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