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December 31, 2017


Cop Car

We enjoyed your stay, immensely, Bogie; and, yes, it's always good to get home following a trip, no matter how good a time one had.

I always enjoyed using the parking lots at LAX, knowing that if I had car trouble they had my back. They even had a cop drive me around C lot, once, when I was convinced that my car had been stolen (it was about 2 AM). Fortunately, it turned out that I had decided not to park in the place that I remembered (I determined that it wasn't really a parking space, having been marked out). I had also decided not to park in the 2nd space (don't recall why). Eventually, we found my car - just where I had eventually left it.

We'll put the tool store on the list of things we do next time you come to Kansas!

Cop Car

Feeding folks: As I recall, the last time my mother fed her family (admittedly, larger than my own) was when she was age 69. At that, a couple of the neighbors brought in major dishes for the meal. When I turned 70, I though my days of feeding the family were over. Well, I was still fixing Christmas dinner for all at age 75, and I've had the Wichita gang over for spaghetti dinners a couple of times since then. That last Christmas meal wised me up, however. It turned out that our dinner was the 3rd or 4th large meal that day for some of the family members. Obviously, they weren't much interested in food by the time they sat down at HH's & my table. I decided it was a waste of everyone's time and effort. Going out, we can tailor the venue and the guest list much more easily. (Besides: your aunt & uncle in Colorado had set a sane example. As far as I know, they never fed any family for a holiday or birthday or any kind.)


I have never thought about if the airport personnel would help if there were issues with a patron's vehicle. I would have just assumed it was my issue to deal with if I hadn't chatted with the shuttle driver. Nice to know the airports have our backs!

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