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December 16, 2017


Cop Car

The suspension on the Explorer must be awesome to take on 2,000 pounds of load. I would have been worried about bottoming out; but, obviously, you got away with it! Wow!


The truck is rated to carry 5240 lbs (max - not tow weight). The truck itself is 2050. Add in another 300 lbs for spare tire, gas and me, that brings the weight up to 2350. So, adding another 2000 lbs is just over its rating. It didn't squat nearly as badly as the Patriot did carrying 1/2 ton.

The previous owner had the truck set up for towing so it has a few extra, heavier-duty things on it so the max weight capability may actually be higher than standard specs. I only had to go 4-5 miles so wasn't worried about it.

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