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September 09, 2017


Cop Car

Congratulations, Bogie! Since I have replaced a gasket on at least one toilet, I'm sure that you and I could do the toilet thing for your bathroom; however...I have a hard time convincing myself that it warrants the roundtrip. You are Super Woman!

Cop Car

Let me know when you stop looking for the kitchen sink. It's been four months since we de-installed our land line and I still find myself (mentally) starting for one of the five phone sets that we took out.


I am doing pretty well on not going to the kitchen sink. I do still look for it when I am tiredm but I think I had more trouble remembering the bathroom sink wasn't functional.

However, the land line thing I can understand - you have used those all your life. Where I've used the bathroom sink for certain things all my life, except for that year interruption.

Cop Car

There has been a year of so, now and then, during my life when I lived in a house/apartment without a phone. Of my adult life: I had no phone in college - had to walk to a sundries shop to use a pay phone. We had no phone for most of the first year in Wichita. I never had a phone when working in California (off and on) during the 1980s. Somehow, I never considered a phone a necessity. How things change. I still don't use a phone, much, but I'm happy to have my cell for when I need one.

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