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July 15, 2017


Cop Car

Beautiful, beautiful work, Bogie. I'll be sending some irises your way within a couple of days. I'm disappointed in their condition. It's been too darned hot for me to be able to do much. My current plan is to let Tender Car rip out a bunch of irises for me, later in the season (along with some other work). Depending upon when it gets done, send more at that time (hopefully in better shape than this batch) or over-winter some to send you next spring/summer.

Glad you got the power-washing done. That algae can be slick!

Cop Car

I go out to work in the yard, early mornings. Usually for at least 20 minutes, rarely over an hour these days. Yesterday, I weeded some of the area near the cherry tree, and planted some starts of Stone Crop (sedum). (I had poked a dozen clippings from the plants next to the front steps into small plastic starter cups a couple of weeks ago.) By the time I got that done and spread mulch around the new plantings (the bag of much was probably 50-60 pounds from soaking up rain a couple of nights ago), I was on the verge of conking out.

I came in to take a cold shower, drink a pint of water, and lie on the floor for a while. (I had stripped my bed for the wash, so couldn't use it.) I was only out there for 55 minutes; but, since I can't sweat, it was too much! I didn't go out at all, this morning. Didn't heave myself out of bed until nearly 8 am since we had gone to Music Theatre Wichita last night.


Looks awesome!


The irises got here early so I'll get them planted today.

It must really be tough not to sweat. I sweat massively (when I'm not freezing) so just have to complain about it dripping into my eyes and being ready to be in a wet t-shirt contest at anytime that I am working outside :)


Oh, also complain because my face and neck break out with big, weepy zits from sweating. If I get nice dry air where sweat immediately evaporates (or it's cool enough not to sweat) they go away.

I'll take that over not sweating though!

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