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May 29, 2017



very nice! do you recall the name of the see through shade?


Ruth - that is a Bali Solar Roller shade. You can get them with up to 14% "openness", depending on material chosen. The one I got is 5% Lucence Mica (40469). You can get samples of colors/fabric if you need to. Just keep in mind these aren't privacy or light blocking shades but they do keep out a lot of solar glare.

I just checked and they have extended the sale until 6/14 at https://blinds.homedepot.com/p/bali-solar-roller-shades/205177055?id=205177055 (using :save20now" at checkout). I even put up a review and the same pics to help other customers.


Nice, thanks! I was actually thinking more for our back windows. They get direct sunlight for an extended period in the afternoon and evening in the summer, and it adds ALOT of heat to the house, so the privacy problem isn't an issue.

Cop Car

Windows are always a problem - if one lives in a semi-public setting or has sun issues. You've done very, very well I think!

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