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May 14, 2017


Cop Car

Wow! I agree with the subtitle, "Have you seen a short landing? Forget it!"

I've made short landings; but, that one puts me to shame. Of course, I've never piloted a powered, non-helicopter craft that was STOL (Short Take-Off & Landing) equipped. I suspect that landing was into an exceptionally strong wind - perhaps like the wind we landed into in Enid, Oklahoma, if you remember that flight.

You, Dudette, and Kathy Johnson were with me that day. We had headed from Cessna East Field (Wichita) for Oklahoma City but diverted due to unforecasted thuderbumpers in that area. As I recall, it took us over 2 hours to reach Enid, we loitered in Enid until I was convinced that we should immediately return to Wichita, and we landed at Cessna East Field just 30 minutes following take-off from Enid. We outran the wind before reaching our destination - barely having time to tie down the aircraft before the wind hit. Our alternate plan was to land at Newton, if we failed to outrun the wind.

Fortunately, the landings at Enid and at Cessna East Field were straight into that wind. The weather guessers in Enid had told me that if I chose to remain in Enid over night, the wind would be just as strong the next day - but - 180 degrees out. That was the only time I've used wing-walkers to help me taxi cross-wind.


That was my thought - that there was a really strong headwind.

Cop Car

I'm thinking at least 30 mph. With the STOL installation, the landing (ground) speed is probably about 30-40 mph with a ground rollout is probably about 100-200 feet in a normal landing. I did not research this...just going by SWAG.

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