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April 16, 2017


Cop Car

It sounds like you had a full couple of days there, Bogie. Some of the sessions sound interesting. Something I'd be interested in knowing if they covered in the social media session: How to attract people who are not like me/you/whoever. It seems (to me) easy to attract people who have the same interests as I have, but attracting people who are totally different is a challenge to some of us.


Well, I'm not sure why we would want to attract people not into Harleys (same interest). HOG chapters are different than charities (who want to attract people with money to donate or who can help in various capacities). The Charter, handed down by the corporation states that You have to be a National HOG member to belong to a local HOG Chapter. And in order to be a HOG member, you have to own a Harley (proof must be given).

However, in other classes they did discuss having events for different types of riders; group riders, lone riders, weekend warriors, off-shifters etc. Plus, there isn't just one Chapter in any given state, but several; NH has at least 5 that I know of - so you are basically competing with other Chapters for members.

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