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December 31, 2016



Looks good!

I've got several weeks coming up where I can expect to be scheduled to work a minimum of hours, and so I have a large for me project planned......we'll see how it goes.....

Cop Car

Isn't it wonderful how much better your rooms look with the window trim installed? Gorgeous! (But...really?...moving the pellets? this soon following your concussion? Too bad your mom's not there to make sure you take care of her baby daughter - lol!!)


Ruth - good luck with your project!

CC - I have strained my brain way more than I should have working on the window stuff. The pellet moving was easy since I used the Explorer to move two loads of 1/2 ton each. Loading was easy since I could back right next to the door. Unloading, well, I had to walk the length of the the basement from the garage entrance, but nothing major.

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