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December 10, 2016



Might be time to find a neighbor kid who wants to earn $20/$30 and have them do the driveway for you. That sort of knock is pretty horrid!

Cop Car

I'm with Ruth. Glad it wasn't worse; but, so sorry it happened at all!!


The only neighbor kids old enough are those kitty corner from the back of my house. The lady looked at me like I was a serial killer when I asked if it was alright if I asked her son to pet sit my dog when I was planning on being out of town for a couple of days (they had even larger dogs, so it wasn't the dog). Ended up taking Prince to a kennel.

The guy across the street doesn't do his own (he can hardly walk), and I'm not letting the crazy trailer guy step foot on this property.

Feeling better already - I'll be fine.

Cop Car

That's good news (your feeling better), Bogie. Thanks for letting us know. Hope you continue on that path!


So you guys feel better - I posted on FB about my mishap and a couple of HOG members volunteered to come over and help with snow removal if needed. Neither of them live very close, but it is good to know I've got back up.

Also posted on the Firewood Hoarders forum and the guy who helped me bring home the upstairs pellet stove told me not to hesitate to call him. He's about 20 minutes away (on a good day), so I'll call him if needed.


Oh yeah, I wrestled with the computer and got it to submit to talking with the server at work, so I'm telecommuting tomorrow so I won't have the stress of driving 30 miles in the height of the snow storm that is to start about 10 tonight.

They told me to avoid mental exertion - no computers, no tv, no music, no books. Obviously failed at that no computer thing and my brain hurt by the time I got the connection going, but I'll try not to overdo thinking for the next day or two.

Cop Car

Concussions are not trivial. Telecommuting is a fabulous idea. If your brain won't take the mental exertion, I hope it will at least tell you to "Turn it all off!" if needed.

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