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November 12, 2016


Cop Car

Aha! So that is what made the jog in your bathroom wall, next to the sink cabinet. Not a very large closet; but, surely worth the effort to do it up right. Well done!

Elder Bro came in last night & will leave around noon, tomorrow. He and we send best wishes. BTW: My Elegant Friend was pleased to get well wishes from you and wanted me to return with a "Hi" to you.

Cop Car

It just occurred to me that your closet is about the same size as the bedroom and coat closets at Vesta: the difference being that the front bedroom, originally, had two of those closets side-by-side which I combined into one closet. The back bedroom had only the one closet, so I can picture the size even had I not seen the jog in your bathroom wall.


All 3 closets in this house are the same size - so I have a whopping 18 sq/ft of closet space :)

Cop Car

Older houses didn't really have bedroom closets - people hung what few clothes they hung in a free-standing wardrobe chest. You may recall that your grandparents' home in KCMO had a walk-in hall closet, but the guest room had no closet and the back bedroom had a closet about the size of yours. Bedroom closets were a new-fangled invention 100 years ago! I don't know how rich people lived; but, most of us didn't have enough clothes to need much closet space! In college, one of the first things your dad & I bought was a metal wardrobe closet.

OTOH: In MY grandparents' home, there were hooks for clothing in the hallways, in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the pantry, and behind/on the back of doors in the bedrooms. (I have hooks on the wall and on the back of the door in my sewing room and on the wall behind the door to my den in this house!)

Cop Car

P.S. The two cedar chests have a history. My dad built a wardrobe from cedar wood. When my sister died, Mom had Dad tear the wardrobe apart and make the two chests from the wood. The wardrobe reminded Mom too much of my sister. (I don't recall why that was true.)

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