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October 22, 2016


Cop Car

Uh...am I the only one not smart enough to see the connection?
"Although this seems unrelated, there is a relationship here, so bear with me."
Or...is my error in thinking that the antecedent to "this" in you sentence is changing to two 125 gallon tanks?


"This" is the fact that I needed to get the boiler lit so I can use up propane before the tanks are changed out. If I still have more than 5% in the tank, it will cost me money. Else, I could probably go easily thru December or January before worrying about getting the boiler going.

Cop Car

Thanks for the clarification, Bogie. You were just acknowledging that an antecedent can come later - if - the pronoun is in a subordinate clause. You aced English!


I wish I was paying $2.50/gallon for propane :/ though I'll admit its never quite gotten as bad as $5/gallon. But we're "rural", so every single company in the region tacks an extra dollar plus into the price per gallon to deliver to us. We got one of those advert post cards from a competing company a couple weeks ago. Nice low price per gallon, free install to approved new customers......called them up, yup, we don't count due to our location. The poor receptionist got to listen to me tell her what I thought of their advertising campaign.

Thankfully we only use propane for cooking, so its not actually THAT huge of an expense for us. Now if I could find someone who'd deliver kerosene to us for a reasonable price......

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