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September 06, 2016


Cop Car

What Bogie fails to emphasize was how well she had, single-handedly, stored all of the items in the basement - to be ready when the time came - and how much heavy lifting/assembly she did, alone, after Hunky Husband and I had retreated to the hotel each evening. We are really impressed with all of the work that Bogie has done/is doing/has plans to do on her house. I've rehabbed a couple of houses, myself, but nothing to compare to the project she has laid out for herself! (And...I was surely jealous of some of her tools!)

P.S. We never, ever wanted Bogie out of the way; but, we did need someone to guide us (especially me since, when HH and I work together, I am the one who walks backward!) Bogie, thanks for the excellent job you did of guiding us through the maze without once failing to alert me to possible false steps!


Think I am going to bite the bullet and order the correct-sized counter/sink today. Will be several weeks before it is in, most likely, so will live with a dry sink for a while longer.

Cop Car

Bummer, but you are more used to doing without wet sinks than most of us, aren't you? Hope you are really happy with the final installation!


The good news is that I finagled free shipping to the house. The manufacturer would normally allow free shipping to the store, which would require my having to ensure I didn't break it as I was removing it from the truck (doable, but why take chances?). Shipping to the house is normally $55.

However, I went to HD and had an associate enter the sale (I could have done it myself online) and then requested the free shipping and the associate's manager obliged. Had to wait 15-20 minutes as the manager was busy with someone else. Oh, and I played the "poor, pitiful, all alone, weakly me" card, but the result was worth it ;)

Cop Car

Well done! Laughing at your "poor, pitiful, weakly" approach. Your dad used that approach in getting the plumber out here, Saturday, so that we had hot water. He was out for his 3-mile run when I discovered the lack of hot water & really needed that shower - and wasn't willing to take a cold one!

Any way the delivery person could be convinced to help set it in place & remove old one? Doesn't seem likely, but you are great at getting things done!


There is no way the delivery person will help besides maybe into the basement (probably to the garage and that is it. It will be a contract delivery that doesn't work for HD, so doesn't have a stake in getting a "delighted" customer.

However, a FB "friend" (actually someone I have never met in person) may be interested in the smaller counter. If so, I told him that it would be crazy cheap. If he decides to take it - most of the price will be in helping move that into place and help installing the microwave. If that doesn't work out, then I'll just pay the plumber to help me with it when I have it hooked up.

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