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June 25, 2016



I'm so sorry, and so glad it was the right timing. I still worry I waited to long for Janie and she suffered more than she had to....

Cop Car

It is so, so hard to make the decision at "just the right" time, Bogie. I am sorry that your lap kitty is gone but know that you did the best for him. Thank you for sharing Tory's last chapter with us.


I'm so sorry for your loss, though glad you did not let your pet go in the company of only vet and staff, caring though they are; I can imagine few things as potentially frightening for a pet as being left by their person/people to face the end of awareness without them. This is not something we were meant to get used to, no matter how often we experience it. Knowing you had your Tory go with love,


Thank you all for your sympathies!

Thinkingman - I never let my pets go alone when I take them to the vet. I always accompany them right thru their last breath and beyond. I still rue that I couldn't be there for Shadow since he slipped away while I was at work - I was going to take him in that evening.

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