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June 11, 2016



Maybe some of that stuff to help the stump rot out faster?

Cop Car

Poison ivy is relentless, as we must be if we don't wish to live amidst it. Of course, birds love the berries and mindlessly plant the seeds through elimination.

You flowers and bushes are gorgeous. The irises must love you to be putting on a show this early. Looks like they are rewarding you for being such a hard worker. (Happy to read that you took the time to read under the tree. How are the mosquitos?)

Cop Car

P.S. Are those leaves in front of the lupine, columbine?


Ruth - I don't know if that stuff really works. Wish I could put a stump grinder to it, but then I'd be spreading even more poison ivy.

CC - Those iris were sent with love, so that is probably it :)

The leaves in front of the lupine are bleeding heart. If you look closely, you can see one lone heart just above the leaves.

Cop Car

I did see the blossom and did think it looked like bleeding heart; but, I had forgotten what bleeding heart leaves look like. I normally have planted the ones that have fern-like leaves. (My) Grma Hall had the kind that you have. Thanks for setting me straight.

(You got the "sent with love" right!!!!


Well, I keep saying I need to buy some of the stump rotting stuff, so if I do I'll try to remember to let you know!

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