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May 22, 2016



None of my iris came up this year, and the only tulips that came up were the ones I planted in the fall, none of the older ones came up. I guess they didn't survive the winter, or possibly last spring's hot and dry spring with this past winter on top of that? None of my hibiscus have come up yet, but when I dig down a little to check I think the roots are still viable, so I'm waiting (im)patiently. I will say that the Japanese variegated willow bush I planted two years ago is thriving and huge. If I didn't prefer a: flowering and b: native I'd seriously consider buying a bunch more of them to plant all over.....

Cop Car

Lovely, lovely photos of the phlox and crab apple tree. As to the parking lot photo: It's amazing how quickly green stuff can grow when it takes a notion to do so!

When one has as many employed work hours, each week, as you do, it's tough to keep up with yard and house work. I'm happy that you can handle it!


Ruth - My iris never died back - course it probably helps that they are planted next to the house. They did have some damage from the -21* we had, but none of it went to the rhizome.

My hibiscus hasn't come back yet either. But, for some reason I was thinking they don't really start putting out shoots until later, and I know they need lots of water. Although planted in a wetter area, the dry spring hasn't helped in that regard either. So, I'm being patient with that one.


CC - NO vegetable garden this year as it would need to be watered regularly, and I won't be around to do so during the week. I did repot a couple of the overwintered shrubs into larger pots, then sunk them back into the raised bed that they overwintered in. I fervently hope that none of them decide their roots need to go outside their pots. If the roots do spread, that raided bed may become another shrub garden. I'm okay with that, but would rather they didn't.

Cop Car

You still only get 24 hours each day, unfortunately. Sometimes we hate that we have to pick-and-choose!

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