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November 27, 2015



Sold the sled today. Put it on CL last night and had what I asked for it by 11 am. Pretty happy about it as I got back what I paid for it spring of 2013 :)

Cop Car

One does what makes sense for one's situation. My impression is that you put your vehicles through their paces; but, I don't know the experiences of your friends and neighbors there in the mountainous, harsh-weather country with their vehicles. I'm sure that we flatlanders, with nearly-100% paved roads are much easier on our vehicles.

That said, the longest I've driven a vehicle, as I recall, was the 1971 (or was it 1972) Buick Electra that I bought when it was 12 or 13 years old. It spent most of its time parked at the airport, although it was my daily driving car for one of the years, and I had it hauled off 10 years after purchase. I drove the 1982 Mazda 626 for 8 or 9 years, Dudette drove it for several years, then Wonderful GrandDaughter drove it for more years. Dudette is still driving the 1991 or 1992 Ford Taurus HSO that I bought new.


Not sure where you think I live, but we have paved roads - LOL. In fact, the only dirt the last two vehicles saw was a dirt driveway and one 2 mile dirt road (driven on only a couple times a year). The only thing I do is put miles on them and keep up on the maintenance.

If these things were losing body parts to rust, I would understand. If they were losing suspension parts, I would understand. I would understand exhaust. I do not understand needing $6-8k of work on major systems at only 5 Y/O (for both the Nissan - in 2009, and the Patriot this year).

If miles and weather did cars in so much around here, then only newer vehicles would be on the road. That is not the case, nor are people putting in new trannies or 4WD systems (like the Nissan). Nor are they falling apart after only 36k miles (like the Nissan).

Having a $400-500 payment per month is not feasible for me (that is after putting in a healthy down payment), especially if a vehicle is only going to last 5 years. Or to get it down to reasonable, you have to go with a 7 year loan; well, if vehicles only last 5 years, that ain't happening.

With the luck I have, I just don't see a reason to put in high dollars for a new car.

Cop Car

Thanks for the analysis!

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