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November 21, 2015



yay! Glad you were able to get that all in. I worried a bit at your first paragraph about having to draw it out and having only the one bathroom. That'd suck. That sort of thing was a HUGE part of why I insisted that our house have at least a 1/2bath in addition to the main bathroom when we were house hunting.

Cop Car

What a great job of planning you had to have done to get from "then" to "now". Wonderful!

Hmmm...back when the earth was cooling, we had no indoor bathroom, no shower, and the "bathtub" was a galvanized steel wash tub that sat on the kitchen floor (so we could pour hot water into it from its having been heated on the coal oil cook stove). We have all gotten so spoiled - and I love it!! Just think what people have put up with historically.

You are doing a wonderful job. Carry on!

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