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May 30, 2015


Cop Car

Your planting beds look good!

I know this is about "normal" time for you to be planting veggies; but, I normally start in late March or early April - and, I've not put one veggie in, so far. I did get shrubs and trees planted - just in time. It's been too rainy to plant anything since then. We had (by your dad's measure) over 11" of rain in May. We "normally" receive about 33" per year.


Wow - you have gotten a lot of rain! We got rain from Sunday until Thursday morning, but only got a couple of inches. Fortunately that was enough to end the drought (yes, we were officially in a drought). I was happy as I didn't have to water all the plants every day - in fact, haven't watered since. Will probably need to water containers today though.

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