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May 03, 2015


Cop Car


Looking good! Hope your neck behaves better, soon.

Cop Car

P.S. That bike is 'way too much. A white bike?


That bike is exactly like mine except for color and year (it's a 2014), and has a way nicer stereo.

I'm not partial to white bikes, but some people like them.

Neck is much better today and I rode to the HOG chapter meeting this morning, then rode for a while with a couple of the gals before heading home.

Cop Car

You couldn't have proved it by me - that the two bikes are alike. In white it looks bulky, to me. Oh, well, as long as no one asks me to pay for it, it's really none of my business and I'm happy that the owner got/gets what she wants!

Glad about your neck.


Darker colors are slimming - apparently for bikes too. The shadow on the tank throws off the perception too.

There is one other difference between her bike and mine; the black slot on the fairing is an air vent that was introduced with the Rushmore (2014+) bikes.

Funny, I didn't notice she has hers set up the same way, with the same passenger backrest and same luggage rack. No wonder I felt so comfortable on it.

Cop Car

Comfort AND style - woo hoo!

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