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May 16, 2015


Cop Car

What are the pros and cons of raised beds? I've been tempted to put a couple in, but couldn't figure the ROI.

Can't say I've ever seen anything exactly like those flowers; but, the blossoms and leaves shout "violets".


While I was working in the yard yesterday, I also thought the same thing (violets), I am just used to the small wild violets at the old house. Those were a lot smaller and almost always blue. These are huge (in comparison) and mostly white with blue accents, although there are some blue ones. They are everywhere in the yard (shade, sun, grass, cleared areas, damp, dry - doesn't seem to matter).


https://www.minnesotawildflowers.info/flower/canadian-white-violet maybe?

very pretty though!

Cop Car

Canadian violet - maybe. I see differences in form; but, there could be lots of variation within the species (or whatever taxonomy level). Thanks, Ruth.


I think Ruth is correct. I should have taken pictures of the blue violets in the middle of the yard before I mowed the other day. Those definitely weren't the same kind.

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