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April 25, 2015


Cop Car

There is another family in Kansas with the same last name who is not, AFAIK, related to your outlaws. One of their members is a bird watcher, and there used to be a family in Cuba (I don't know if they are still there.) As you note, there are several combinations of vowels that make up variations on the name.

Your dad was surprised to see your last name on the return address of the card you sent the other day. You and he are the only people in the USA who are related and share that last name. There are even more ways of spelling that last name; but, AFAIK, none are related to you.

Cop Car

Of course, no one with whom I share MY last name is related to me. That's what happens when you make up your own name!


Now that you mention it, I remember you telling me of that bird watcher. I think I contacted the crew there in KS to determine if anyone knew that person.

Either I missed Dad with my announcement email, or he is just so used to my former name that he forgot I reverted back to my maiden name. Not many people do that after they have had a name for 29 years!


I think you may have misspoken when you said that he and I are the only ones related in the US with our last name. Surely at least a couple other people are related to each other. Maybe you meant that he and I are the only ones in our family tree with that last name.


My maiden name is so common as to be scary, according to that page just short of 8000 people respond to it. Despite the fact that my first name is considered uncommon in my age group and younger.

My married name on the other hand, apparently I'm the only one who'd respond to it. Assuming they pronounced the last name in a kinda close manner, which is usually the problem!

Cop Car

Bogie--Picky, picky. You and he are not related to the others who spell your name that way (or any other way AFAIK in the USA).

It just took a split-second for your dad to realize that the card was from you. It takes a while to get used to such changes. I still start out writing the wrong last name for me, myself, every couple of years.

Cop Car

Bogie--I still didn't get it right! Forget it. It wasn't that important. *laughing*

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