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April 19, 2015


Cop Car

Truly a saga. What in the world is it that spooks Birdie about the old cage, I wonder? (I'll bet you do too!)

You are probably set, at least, for the life of Birdie!


Poor Birdie has always been cage bound - he doesn't want to be out of his cage at all. I can leave the door open 24/7 and the only way he will come out is by accident (which has happened exactly once and he spent all the time he was out, circling the outside of the cage trying to figure out how to get back in).

He has never had an issue with moving (from my friend to the Deering house, or from that house to here), because his cage is his whole world. So, it didn't surprise me the new cage spooked him, I just thought he would work thru it after a couple of days. My bad!

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