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March 29, 2015



We're still getting dustings too. Though slowly slowly more and more of the ground is becoming visible!

Cop Car

OTOH: Here in Kansas, it is quite warm for me to be working on the yard. I've planted some new bushes - 1 Ivory Halo Dogwood (at corner where pinons had been), 2 Coppertina Ninebarks (toward the porch from the Dogwood), 3 dwarf spireas (next to the Ninebarks), and 3 Little Devil Ninebarks (between living room window and yard). Still want to remove the huge sage (from which I've planted 3 or 4 offspring) from the corner that the porch makes with the steps and put in a small, hardy azalea or two. I'm slowly filling in the veggie spaces because I'm getting lazier and lazier when it comes to gardening in the heat of summer!


I had Coppertina Ninebarks at the old house. Also, several spireas. Unfortunately they are too big to try to dig out now.
Hey, nothing wrong with a nice shrub garden!

Cop Car

I remembered your having had ninebarks and how nice they looked in your photos. That's why I even noticed them - when I read their tags!

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