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March 22, 2015


Cop Car

"I dumped them in a bowel...." You started my afternoon with laughter. There are advantages to heating with wood/pellets, aren't there. Sounds great!


That was an interesting, and funny mistake - glad you got a chuckle out of it!


Cool! I keep thinking I ought to practice cooking on our woodburning stove, "just in case", but never get around to it...


Ruth - if you have a cast iron stove, I'm sure you could cook on it. Stew and chilis would probably be best and easiest to start with as they are more forgiving of over heating/cooking while you are getting the hang of it.

I believe there was a time or two that I baked potatoes in the wood stove in my previous house. However, that stove had a soapstone exterior, so it didn't get as hot as cast iron (gave off heat forever though after the fire went out). Heck, I couldn't even boil water on it. It was great for keeping thing warm if other stuff was still cooking on the gas stove/oven (like for Thanksgiving dinner).


Yup, cast iron. It gets quite hot on top!

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