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December 06, 2014


Cop Car

Bogie--Egad! I'm not sure that I've ever used up an entire bucket of mud. Of course, with the serious work that you have on your hand, I'm not surprised. How were the two muds different?


The original mud was stiffer and more forgiving of my clumsy strokes with the mud spatula. The DAP mud is more creamy and not forgiving at all.

However, having sanded last night, I find that it seems to sand out better and smoother. Not that it needs to be super smooth since I only use eggshell paint, which gives just the slightest texture and hides minor blemishes fairly well.

Cop Car

Sanding "better and smoother" is also a function of elbow grease - which you are more generous with than I would be. ; )


Actually, since there was some of each kind of mud present for the sanding, I can definitely say that the smoother sanding is from the mud itself.

Even when I did another coat on the corners and some spot sections, and did final sanding during this week, I could tell just by running my palm over the wall (to find any missed bumps/ridges), which brand of mud my hand was feeling even though all patches got the final sanding at the same time.

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