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November 27, 2014


Cop Car

Well done, getting the roofing replaced as you did. (I think that you implied that the orientation of the house, relative to the sun, may help determine the ordering of the clearing of the four "sides" to your roof. Sounds right!)

Cop Car

P.S. What was/is your power situation?


Awesome! Glad it worked!


Power situation is good. Only had a couple of flickers on Thursday. Looking to get a UPS for the stoves - one will shut itself down gracefully when it detects that it is running on battery, then start itself back up when power is restored. The pretty one (upstairs) isn't so advanced so I really should get one that can last 8-12 hours. Did have a poser failure last Saturday for 15-20 minutes and got a few puffs of smoke out the door from the pretty one. The big one downstairs was already off for cleaning, so there wasn't any issue.

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