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October 05, 2014


Cop Car

Isn't your bay window marvelous?! And, no, I cannot tell where you changed paints. As I wrote, before - paint matching is wonderfully precise these days. It's great that you can successfully do what you did.

Gosh! Sleep in your bedroom? What's the world coming to?


I'm amazed that none of the spackling shows through! You are quite the expert at painting. Clearly you understand how to sand and prime. Your house is going to be just amazing!


CC - I do love the bay window. I will probably love it more when I am in that room for more than working on it - LOL! I was nervous about the color match because you never know when the base paint is of a different batch. I've had glaring differences even in the last year when I have don't the same thing with a different brand of paint. The different batches are in the corner between the bay window and the side window (the corner you can see in the picture with the bay window in it).

Buffy, thanks for the compliment. I think the credit goes more to the pain than to me. But I was smart enough to stay with the Behr paint :)


Dang those pictures make it look purple (at least on my computer). Let me assure you, the color is closer to what the second picture shows (the corner that was retaped and mudded)

Cop Car

Color, as seen by the eye or by the camera, is so dependent upon the lighting! My car looks cream in some lights, tan in others, and yellow in yet another. I was pretty sure that the purple was an artifact of the lighting/camera/my monitor. You are not a purple sort of woman!

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