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September 21, 2014



Its coming along very nicely!

Cop Car

Bogie--Paint can be very expensive; but, to me, it gives the biggest bang for the buck. As far as polyurethane goes, it's wonderful stuff that takes a knack for getting it on correctly. I don't have the patience that it takes to do a good job with it. (Which doesn't keep me from using it, of course!)


CC - it isn't the cost of the paint, so much as the value. I've used the Valspar before (in the red bedroom), and found it's claims less than completely true. The Behr is so much better than the Valspar that I am not going to pay almost half again as much for it. I will go to the big box store and buy the paint that I get the best value for (IMHO)

Cop Car

Sorry! I didn't intend to try to compare value among brands. I think that Harter used Benjamin-Moore on Sunrise. In the re-painting that I did, I used Sears' best (whatever it was called). On this house, Mary Porter was used originally and Sherwin-Williams on re-paint. Color matching is so good these days that I have no fear in switching brands. Since Sherwin-Williams has a store about 1.5 miles from the house, it's where I've had new stain mixed up to match. Perhaps someone with a critical eye could tell the difference, but I surely cannot!

Behr certainly has a good reputation AFAIK. As far as I'm concerned, whoever puts in the sweat and the money gets to choose whatever her heart desires. *smiling* (I knew that you were awaiting permission - NOT!)

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