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August 10, 2014


Cop Car

You are amazing, my dear. Truly amazing. I would have ended up with the hole 1/2-inch from where it had to be - and spent big bucks having someone who knew what they were doing, bail me out. Wow!!!! (Remind me to tell you of the time that I screwed up a hole drilled in the main spar of a business jet, and how I yelled "Help" to my boss when I realized what I had done.)

1) I had no clue what a stove thimble was. A thimble, to me, is something around which I wrap cable (before swaging a locking sleeve around the cable where it enters the thimble and the end of the cable where it exits the thimble) or something that I put on my finger for sewing. Thanks for the (continuing) education.
2) Might your "saw bit" be what I would call a "hole saw"? (I think I included one, size un-remembered, in the tools; but, maybe not.)
3) I assume that there is a special caulking for use at high temperatures??

Cop Car

P.S. You take after your dad when it comes to this type of project. (That is a good thing!)

While I would have screwed the project up, your dad would have taken twice or thrice as long, sent me on a jillion gofer errands, and sworn a blue streak the whole time, but it would have been right when he finished. IF anyone could have talked him into doing the project in the first place. He would not have seen the necessity of doing the project (I recall the hole in his roof when I moved back to KS. Not sure how long it had been covered with plastic, but it just wasn't something worth worrying about to him! *laughing*)


Very nice, not a project I'd have wanted to do on my own. I"m constantly cutting holes in the wrong spots....


Cop Car: Thimble - yeah, had no idea until I was researching pellet stoves last winter, I always thought they went on the end of my finger too.

You are right, I meant hole saw, not saw bit.

Caulking for the outside can be the usual stuff. When I caulk the inside part, where the stove pipe goes thru the thimble, that will require high-temp caulk.


You both mention why I wanted someone else here, and why it made me nervous to do myself. I only had one shot at getting this right. Fortunately , the initial pilot hole could be drilled and redrilled until I hit the right spot if I screwed that portion up. I was more worried about losing control of the sawzal as it is powerful, unwieldy, and difficult to make it do a circle (I am no longer nervous about if I have to use it in a straight line - it likes those).

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