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August 23, 2014


Cop Car

It boggles the mind thinking of reasons that the walls are such a patchwork. I would not have thought of Poe; but, I guess that Amontillado wine is to the nobleman's manor as the beer (sorry, I'm not familiar enough with beers to discern the kind) is to your house. Well done!

I did enjoy having the huge shower with separate tub in Albuquerque; but, as I am getting older and lazier, I enjoy not banging my toes on the edge of the upstairs tub that I had used in this house until 20 months ago. OTOH: The shower that I now use is too small. However, unlike you, I am not replacing it anytime soon. I did, however, have a narrow (24") door added between my new bedroom and the bathroom - which I love! It gives so much better ventilation for both rooms and is convenient.

If you'll move the house a bit closer, I'll be happy to watch you work. (That was NOT funny, was it?!!!!)


The tub is mainly a convenience for cleaning bird cages, giving the dog a bath, and cleaning other large items. If you recall, I had to take my registers up to the old house to clean them before I moved in. Could I have done it in the shower? Absolutely. But, I would have had a huge mess of water on the bathroom floor (and the floor has enough problems of its own).

The bird cage has not had a thorough cleaning since I've been here. I've managed using the kitchen sink and counter - making a huge mess in the process. I took Prince up to the old house once for a flea bath, and when he was in the kennel they gave him a bath, but mostly I cover up his stink with coat conditioning sprays (he's old and semi-incontinent).

Otherwise, I am fine with just a shower as I never take baths.

Cop Car

Gee, I've become so spoiled in this house by having the two large stainless steel sinks (deep tub by washer, shallow but long sink in the mud room) that I fail to take such things into account. You need a back porch with a huge sink. (I'll be right there to do the build/installation, of course!) OR a huge sink by your laundry equipment (where, oh, where to get the space????) Even a large, galvanized (free-standing) tub would work if you can conveniently attach short hoses to the washer faucets and have a floor drain. (A lot of "ifs" in there!) Such a tub served for washing dishes, clothes, and people when we lived in the truck in the 1940s.

Do you have a pressure-wand car wash within a reasonable distance? It would make short work of cleaning the bird cage. At the place where I swim/work-out, they take the perforated floor mats (that get pretty grimy from being placed outside the shower stalls) to the car wash - since someone stole their steam cleaning equipment. (How would Prince enjoy a steam bath?!!!!)


Cop Car - neither of your sinks would be big enough for the bird cage, much less the dog.

Gee, why didn't I think of hosing the bird cage down? Because, Birdie never comes out of the cage - NEVER. Okay, once, by mistake because I left the cage door open after feeding him breakfast, and he freaked because he couldn't figure out how to crawl back to where he came from (he is not the smartest bi

rd I've had, that is for definite - but he is still cute). I've always used a hand-held shower in a tub to get the top and sides of the cage - he runs from side to side of the cage avoiding the water. Then I would put it on mist and give Birdie a spa treatment (he LOVES that). Sometimes a gentle rain (shower setting with the water pressure turned way down) was good for him too, but he wouldn't always put up with that.

Cop Car

Undoubtedly you are correct about the bird cage not fitting our sinks. I think of our sinks as being huge - forgetting that the bird cage is humongous!

Are you trying to tell me that if one of them is mine, two heads are not better than one? You are being cheeky to your mother. Stop that! *laughing*

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