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August 08, 2014


Cop Car

Well, let's see...I was only 40 years old when Grease came out. I was much older than that when I finally saw it - and bought the VHS tape. You are right that I enjoyed the movie and the music.

Did I tell you that a few years ago Expert Seamstress and I started watching the movie in my den. Elder Brother walked in...saw what we were watching...and walked out in a huff. He is still smarting (only 61 years later) over not having been accepted as one of the cool kids - the guys who wore duck-tails. Oh, my!

I was never a cool kid; but, it didn't bother me then and I don't hold it against anyone, now. (I feel really lucky to not be cursed with EB's attitude!)

BTW: The young woman in the video is really personable to watch. Cute! and Thanks!


Interesting - I could have sworn we saw it together when I was in ABQ. Which would have been when I was 20, hmm, the math isn't working for me (not surprising at this time of night).

Cop Car

I would trust your memory over mine. When you were in ABQ, I was 45; so, I should have said that I was several years older when I first saw the movie. Let's not venture a guess as to when I bought the VHS, since I owned no TV when I lived in ABQ. Not until seven years later.

BTW: You had turned 21 a few months before ABQ. I was in Florida until June 1983 (except for my house-hunting trip in April - during which time Elder Brother had his heart attacks).

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