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August 03, 2014


Cop Car

Sorry about the way the TNF worked out. How long did it take to become apparent that there was a problem?

Everything else looks and sounds superb. You accomplish so much in so little time (and always have) that I just shake my head in wonder. Fab-u-lous!


I probably tried to use the door less than 2 hours later and realized the difficulties.

Secret Agent Woman

Just reading back through the remodeling posts. The window seats are great and score on the shower door! You seem to have a very helpful ex.


The EX is helpful because that was part of the deal when I let him have the house - I wrote into a contract we signed before I bought this place. After what he put me thru, he damn well better be helpful!


I did get the door back into good working order by the way. Managed to dig out enough of the gunk that the frame settled back into place. It still seals the outside gap, and I was planning on finishing off with insulation anyway, so all is good at this point.

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