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July 13, 2014


Cop Car

Whew! Better you than me, Bogie. Wonderful work!

P.S. "...I had to make a last push to get the exterior bathroom torn out."

I didn't know that you had an outhouse!
; )


Well, I also have a humid "oom", whatever that is :)


You are one of two women I know who have taken down cabinets on their own. I'm not brave enough to do stuff like that. I might pull down a wall, but DH gets to figure out how to do the cabinets. You've done amazing work on this house!


Buffy - not so much brave as determined and desperate to get the sheetrock out before the window install. Of course half way thru I realized the dang thing would have weighed less if I had removed the doors and shelves before I started removing the screws. Hopefully I remember that little tidbit if I am ever in that situation again.

Cop Car

OMG! I cannot believe that you left the doors and shelves in when you started out to remove the screws. That deserves a dope slap, but you'll have to administer your own since I'm not there to do it for/to you! (I try to be helpful when I'm around. *smirking*)

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