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June 08, 2014


Cop Car

What a wonderful time you must have had! Somehow, I hadn't envisioned such a large group when you were anticipating the trip.

I can't imagine your having a fear of heights - remembering how you sat on the edge of a ledge in the Grand Canyon. Perhaps you had a teen's feeling of invulnerability, then.

Glad you had such a great experience and hope that you get to reprise it many times to come.


Maybe the heights issue is from my seeing issues. The fear got noticeable in my 20's and got became gradually worse for several years where I would actually start to have a panic attack going over bridges that I had gone over before without any issues. For the most part it is manageable now. Who knows?

Cop Car

I guess you are your father's daughter after all! When we were at the Royal Gorge some years ago, your dad stopped the car to have me drive across the bridge. He just could not do it!

BTW: Did I tell you that your dad, as it turns out, had cracked both bones in his right wrist when he took that fall 3 1/2 months ago? He told Dr N that his wrist was still hurting, so they took a better x-ray which showed the cracks. He is wearing a wrap-around brace these days. Supposed to see the doc again in a week or so (been wearing the brace for 1 1/2 weeks.)

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